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Internet Marketing Madman

Mobile marketing is here to stay. The time to jump on board, and embrace it, is now, before your competition catches on. For the last 6 months, smart phones and tablets, have been out selling PCs and laptops, by as much as a 20% margin! One of the main problems with the facebook IPO evaluation,[faceplant] was their mobile marketing monetization strategy. Almost all fortune 500 companies are utilizing shortcode in their TV, radio, and online ads. The results from shortcode marketing show us shortcodes are up to six times more effective than QR codes. I always follow trends, and shortcode text is the latest and greatest trend I've seen in the last 2 years. I did a really cool case study with a realtor just yesterday. Watch this video to see the surprising results we got. Check it out:  --->Click Here To Sign Up For Yep Text<---

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