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Press releases [PR] are powerful ways to stand out among your competitors. Every major news site there is, has web crawlers specifically for looking over press release sites. Press releases are where most of the news we receive comes from. We just see the final product on TV or hear it on the radio, most of us don't understand where the true origin of most news is. That being said, you can capitalize on writing press releases and can be sure to easily add a few hundred or few thousand extra sets of eyes to your listings. There are 3 core reasons to write a PR for your real estate listings, but think of some of the bi-products. Once you write a press release it is on the web as a page forever. As you write more and more of them over the years, it will cause you to have your listings rank on google. It also makes it easier for future clients to find you online so they can hire you. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Watch this quick video to see how to make it happen. --->Click Here to read The PR I wrote for this post<---  

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