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Hardcore Closer

Internet Marketing Madman

In today's ever evolving, fast paced world of real estate, you have to have quite a few tools in your tool box just to be able to operate. Knowing this, imagine what a realtor has to do to really stand out. Every time I stand up in front of a room full of realtors, I always hear the same complaint, "We are nickeled and dimmed to death" meaning a realtor pays a ton of money just to be in the game. The #1 way to sell more real estate without working harder, is to hire an assistant. A good assistant will keep you off of the commission roller coaster. If you cant afford an assistant, then pair up with a good Loan Officer or a business development rep from a title company. The more deals you, the agent gets, the more a mortgage officer or title agent gets. This video shows you 9 things you have to do as an agent, just to be in the game. --->Sign Up For ePropertySites by Clicking Here<---

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